Is this for charity?
Let's get one thing straight up front: this event is produced by Bigwig Races, a for-profit company, in conjunction with other for-profit companies. We are not a non-profit organization. Having said that, we DO like to model giving at any logical opportunity. We work with local non-profit groups to get them funding. Click on Charities above to get more details.
Is the color safe?
The color is super safe and is made out of cornstarch with food grade dye.
Is this only for serious runners?
Nope. It's for everyone. If you run every day, you're welcome. If you've never been off your couch before today, you're welcome. And if you only go outside to participate in endurance color events, you're welcome. We want you to come on out and have some fun.
Can somebody else pick up my packet?
You can send a friend with your signed waiver and ticket to pick up your packet for you.  The waiver can be downloaded from our website. They MUST have your signed waiver in order to pick your packet up for you.
Is the race timed?
We will display a digital display race clock for your reference. But we want you to have fun and Get You Some Color ... so we will not be timing participants or publishing results.
What does my registration fee cover?
when you pick up your packet, it will include a white GMSC T-Shirt, a bib number, and a packet of color. We'll also include some other goodies for you as well as anything you purchased during registration.  
Can I wear a costume?
Yes. You can wear whatever you want so long as it does not stick out in the way of others. You may want to buy some of our fun attire or create your own. Whatever you wear though, white is a good start.
Can I bring my phone or camera?
Sure you can. You'll definitely want to capture every magical moment. Keep in mind there will be color powder everywhere, so it might be good to stick it in a plastic bag of some kind.
Can I bring my dog? He's like family. 
No. Three reasons: 1. our insurance won't allow pets. 2. Other runners may trip over your pooch. 3. We're not totally sure dogs enjoy getting plastered with color as much as we do.
How can I get the color out of my clothing?
You may or may not have good results with this. The color usually comes right out of shoes and clothing, but it's still a good idea to wear older clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, just in case. Or buy a special white shirt for the occasion.
How can I keep the color in my clothing?
So you want to keep that t-shirt as a trophy to your awesomeness? Try this: Don't wash the t-shirt, let it soak in vinegar and then iron it.