Cops and Robbers 5K Road Chase

Saturday, October 25, 2014  @ 4:27 pm


Common Ground Golf Course, 10300 E. Golfers Way, Denver, CO    view map

Registration closed:

Online registration is closed, please register at the event.

HOW IT WORKS - Have a running partner that thinks they can beat you if you give them a 3 minute head start - or vice versa? Cops and Robbers is the race for you! The slower person in the pair is the robber and the faster is the Cop!  On October 25, 2014, the Robbers are going to stage a jail break at 4:27. The Cops sound the alarm at 4:30 p.m. - and THE CHASE BEGINS!!!!  Every Robber has a loot bag and every Cop is trying to get it! Throw the bag in the Cops or Robbers bin at the end of the race and divvy up the loot!!! 

Register in pairs - one Cop and one Robber or register as a single and meet your Cop or Robber at the event!

THE AFTER PARTY IS AT THE SOILED DOVE (Underground) at The Tavern in Lowry!  Get your FREE BEER and access to the Bread, Water & Donut Buffet! (Trust us, it's better than the 3 squares they serve in the 9 to 5 cube lockdown!)

Costume Contest - Come as you are or come in disguise; Deputy Dog, Barney Fife, or Sheriff Andy - Jesse James, Bonnie & Clyde, or Charmin' Charlie - Get Creative! Special prizes and awards for Best Disguise, Fastest Combined Cop & Robber Teams, Precious Prisoner, Dashingly Delectable Deputy, Most Infamous (and recognizable) Cop & Robber Costume . . . and other mysterious prizes for Cops & Cons, Flatfoot & Felon, Malefactor & The Man, Jailbird & Fuzz, Good Guy & Wise Guy!

Visit www.MetroDenverCrimeStoppers.Com to learn more about Metro Denver Crime Stoppers! 


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Online registration is closed, please register at the event.